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Facebook facial recognition faces legal trouble.

Facebook has been in legal woes with numerous major privacy and abuse scandals, that had escalated giving up users information for the purpose of advertising based on the material they share and photos that link to someone who is a facebook user.

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SEO Trends that are essential in 2018

SEO has been a fast paced and changing industry in technology the past five years. Popular websites rely on SEO techniques to improve page rankings, traffic and revenue when bringing visitors to their website. SEO Voice Assistant, Featured Snippets and Mobile Browsers are a next step in optimization of latest websites.

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Facebook Accused of being aggressive with users who don't login frequently

Account holders of facebook are put under pressure to keep up engagement statistics. It's been roughly 1 year since the founder of rightway inc. Rishi Gorantala had removed the Facebook app from his phone. This ensued difficulties with the organization meaning the company had gotten more aggressive to get him to sign back in.

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Best Social Media Sites for Advertising Online Content

To roundup is a list of Social Media websites by ranking of number of users , best places to advertise online content, whether you're a small business owner starting up or a freelance. You want to advertise your content effectively. In our current age is dominated by the use of Social Media to source out to a wide audience their views and opinions.

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Cloud Connected Established

We are operating as an LLC in the State of California as a Digital Marketing Agency, offering different services for Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

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